May 21 – Jun 20


There's only one person you can always count on to be able to keep up with you – or at least to want to try. Right now, with the energy flowing pretty much everywhere, you're finally at a loss, as you're not sure what to do to celebrate. Ring up your zippy pal, pull out all the stops and go for the most ridiculous, excessive or (gently) risky activity you can possibly come up with.

You thought this was going to be smooth sailing on Monday. Turns out, the water is choppier than you expected. Communicate what you're feeling and what you need on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are enough hands on deck to help you get through this. And there are a lot of good things on the horizon, including the exotic possibility of love. (Someone is going to flirt heavily with you on Thursday or Friday. Whatever you do, flirt back.) This weekend, you're finally going to reach the destination you've been sailing toward.

The steady Capricorn sun meets up with romantic Venus and then secretive Pluto on January 9, creating an intensely transformational trio. You have a lot to work with when these energies join forces, including the determination to stick with a relationship that has been fading lately. Everything might not work out exactly the way you’d like, but no one can say you didn’t try.

A Venus-Uranus square on the thirteenth brings out some impromptu urges, and yes, it would be nice if we could act on our impulses whenever we wanted to. Don’t forget about the Goat’s sensible influence, however, which reminds you to be a responsible and practical citizen.

You finally get permission to veer off the beaten path as the sun enters altruistic Aquarius on January 19, and helping your fellow humans is high on your to-do list. Put this deeply charitable vibe to great use once you can set aside your own needs and focus on giving to others.

When the Aquarius sun trines the moon in your sign on the twenty-seventh, all forms of communication are a go. You sure do love your social media presence, but what would happen if you traded in your plethora of posts for a regular face-to-face meetup?! There’s every reason to find out.

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