Your admirers run away from you, do not they? How to make your first date not the only one.

How to Behave Having a Date with Different Zodiac Signs

Every person dreams about beautiful and mutual feelings. But unfortunately, there are many people who aren’t satisfied with their dating life. And women always don’t know, why do their admirers prefer to run away after the first date. It frequently depends on your behavior and appearance. But how can you guess your partner’s preferences? You shouldn’t guess! Just find out his Zodiac Sign and come on! So, you are going to date with…



Arians always expect a lot from the first date. You should make a good impression on this person from the start. That’s why you should wear something bright and effective like red or purple dress. Don’t forget about elegant perfume and light make-up.

Remember, that Arians are energetic people, they like to be on the go. So, get ready to the active date and think about comfortable shoes.

Try to be cheerful, lively and purposeful, but a little bit shy. Your partner should feel himself ideal for you, so give him complements and be ready to receive them. But keep in mind that jealousy is impermissible here. Not a word about your previous passions!



You should choose designed and expensive clothes to date with Taurean, because this person prefers high-quality things. Pay the same attention to make-up and perfume. If your lipstick and powder-box are inexpensive, it’s better not to take them out of your purse.

What else can you do to charm Taurean? Take him home and make a delicious pie. But if you aren’t a good cook, visit motor show. These people are often interested in luxurious and expensive cars.

But remember, that these guys are very jealous, so under no circumstances should you make eyes to the other men!



You should definitely know that it’s difficult to plan serious relationships with Geminians because of their light-mindedness and inconstancy. You need a lot of energy and a desire to forgive them their weaknesses.

On the first date it’s better to be graceful and ladylike. The same recommendations are for your clothes. High heels and beautiful manicure would be the right choice. Light perfume is also appropriate. Desirable dress colors are light violet and yellow.

Actually, these men rarely invite their ladies to the expensive restaurants. So, get ready to attend something like computer club or book store.

But don’t afraid to say something silly. Probably, you couldn’t put a word into his exciting monologue.



Try to show all your femininity on the first date. Choose light materials and various accessories to impress Cancerians. They like silver and blue colors and fresh perfume.

These men are a little bit shy, so don’t wait for invitation and make the first step by yourself. Organize the big family dinner and show the advantages of the family life to your boyfriend.

Pay attention to the conversation. It has to be soft and delicate. Canserians usually hate blunt truth. Make compliments and be careful while joking!



You should find the golden meal preparing for the dating with Leo. Try to be dressed elegantly but not pretentiously. In other words, you need to stand out from the crowd. Choose warm sunny colors like yellow, golden and red. Don’t use much makeup. Your partner definitely think, that you are beautiful without any cosmetics.

Leos always try to be ideal, so get ready to the date in his favorite place. It might be even a skating ring (of course, if your friend is a perfect skater).

Talk about his great intellect, sense of humor, work success and so on to make him be charmed with such an interesting and smart lady like you.



Having a date with Virgo you should be dressed simply and tastefully. No pretentiousness and bright details! Choose something blue or light green. Even perfume isn’t obligatory. But be careful in making up – he hates smeared lipstick and inaccurate shades.

Virgos prefer to visit restaurants of healthy food. So, it’s great to have delicious and health-giving dinner, isn’t it?

It’s better to talk about literature or science. But remember – don’t tell him lies! And one more tip – be punctual. Otherwise, it might be not the first, but the last date.



Librans dream about ideal person together with them. Clothes of classic or romantic style would help you to look perfect. For example, black jacket and bright one-color shawl is a great choice for such date. Choose traditional perfume and light make-up as well.

As far as Librans are real aesthetes, probably, you will attend concert, cinema or art exhibition. So, don’t lose you face and read about the modern art before the date.

Your conversation should be soft and delicate. Don’t be rough and don’t impose your own opinion. By the way, these people don’t like to be asked about their previous passion. Be patient and wait for their secrets… one day.



Your clothes should be modest and defiant at the same time. For example, you could wear severe red or black dress with a low neckline. You perfume should tempt him, but your make-up should demonstrate your innocence. In other words, Scorpions like bright but shy women.

Actually, Scorpions don’t like noisy companies, so they’d rather choose some quiet and cozy place to have a date. They would be glad to sit and talk face to face.

But be careful! Scorpions are distrustful and shrewd men, so don’t try to defeat them, or else this men wouldn’t believe you.



It’s better to wear something blue to date with Sagittarian. Blue is a color of sky and dreams – he might like it. Your perfume should be elegant, but your make-up should be quiet.

Sagittarian likes animals, so you may plan your date somewhere in the country riding the horse. Maybe, your friend would talk about his pets the most part of your date. But if you want to please your partner, ask him about his pets’ photo.

It’s not difficult to win Sagittarian’s heart. Just appreciate his opinion and don’t forget about sense of humor.



You are lucky to have a date with Capricorn! He is serious, hard-working, reliable and attentive person. He likes bright colors, so take it into account choosing the dress and make-up for the date. But he appreciates constancy, so try to use only one perfume when meeting with the person of this sign.

Capricorns are a little bit shy and taciturn, that’s why don’t be afraid to sit in silence the first part of your date. Take the initiative! Tell him funny stories and enliven your conversation.

Keep in mind, that Capricorns like practical and smart women. So, go ahead!



Aquarians are always waiting for new emotions and often change their plans and ideals. So, get ready to surprise this men every day.

Original and unusual clothes are suitable for the first date with such person. You may wear bright dress, high heels or even a wig just to look eccentric and stand out from the crowd. The desirable colors are pink, violet or grey.

Aquarians’ interests are various. They may invite you to rock concert, ballet, museum or dog show. That’s why don’t be surprised.

You can talk about everything with the people of this sign. But remember, that they always have their own uncommon point of view and don’t like to be criticized.



Pisceans like everything unusual and mysterious. That’s why such man needs a woman, who is able to understand his interests in philosophy, esoterica and self-knowledge.

You may watch some films about hippie before dating with Piscean. A lot of these people like such style and the way of life. You should show your deep inner life to charm you friend on the first date. So, choose some romantic style of clothes and blue or violet colors. It’s better to prefer vanilla perfume and old-fashioned make-up.

Maybe, this man would invite you to visit philosophical meeting instead of ordinary restaurant. If you don’t like such entertainments, suggest him going to the theater. It would be a good compromise for you both.

Don’t criticize Piscean. Try to be careful and delicate, because Pisces is the most sensitive Zodiac Sign.