What Mom Didn’t Prepare You For? How to stop worrying.

Being a child you surely thought of who you would be in the future. But we are sure that you could not imagine yourself as a constantly worrying person with a twitching eye.

Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.

Hans Selye

All their life people live in stress and groundless worry. To become happy, one needs to set the priorities wisely. For most of us the phrase “do not take to heart” seems impossible to follow. You are still worrying because of some trifles and have no idea how to stop worrying. There are several pieces of advice which can help you to not worry.



To persuade yourself that you are doing right, you can use the following pieces of advice:

  • Get rid of the feeling of guilt

    You start worrying long before the ultimate result. Especially, when other people do something for you. You feel guilty and thus worry because they should spend their time on you and your problems. It is important here for those people to explain that it is their right to support and help you. Not to keep worrying and thinking about something that is done for you, participate in it as well.

  • Get rid of made-up problems

    Before some important event will take place, you start imagining how it is going to be. You try to think of possible defects and errors that may occur. In this made-up story you already face the failure and worry because it happens. But in reality it may not happen at all.

    Do not stress yourself out, stay confident, because if anything wrong happens, you have to be able to take decisions immediately.

  • Get rid of fears

    It is a most difficult thing to do. You, surely, worry about yourself, your relatives and close people, health, future and many other things. You should have all your fears figured out.

    For example, you worry about your health. Go to the doctor and specialists to be tested and examined and you will know everything about your health condition and, maybe, be prescribed some medicine. Or you worry about your close people. If they have some troubles on their way, ask whether you can help. Together you find a right solution faster.

    If you always wanted to become a dancer, but the fear of being laughed at does not let you visit any dance lesson, decide for yourself is it really your dream? If the answer is yes, try it, take your friend for company.

    So, only through actions you can overcome your fears.

  • Be yourself

    The lack of confidence cause much worry. Do not create an idol. You are unique and have your own personality that nobody else has. The main rule here is to compare yourself only to YOURSELF. If today you are a bit better that you were yesterday, it is already a little success. This is the key to a future confident and successful yourself.

  • Believe in a better future.

    You should analyze the problem after it occurs to figure out what was done wrong. If you start doing this before, you will only whip up tension. If you do not believe in a better future and you have already predicted the failure in your imagination, there is nothing to worry about. Nothing depends upon you now.

    Believe you can create your future by your own and you are in charge of your life. Again, there is nothing to worry about, if your life depends upon you, work out a plan and start realizing your ideas. While being busy, you do not concentrate on anything except this.

Maybe, the last advice is the most difficult. So, here are 3 tips that will help you not only believe in a better future, but create it.


To not keep worrying and thinking about something bad that may happen in the future, you should:

  • Set your personal aims

    You may write one global purpose and then several smaller goals that you should achieve to get closer to the main one. Work our a plan with several steps, and here it is better to set a deadline you will have to have this thing done.

  • Set priorities

    Some things need to be done urgently, other ones you may postpone. Put in the center of your attention one or two things. If you undertake a huge amount of different stuff at once, you won’t be able to succeed in anything.

  • Find an occupation to your liking.

    Working with something you are interested in can give the answer to the question: “How to stop worrying forever”. It is not an easy task. But when you deal with the thing that occupies your mind, you focus on progressing in it and developing this idea. It also learns you to appreciate what you already have.


In the end, we give your 4 more tips How to not worry in everyday routine.


1. Live in the present.

The past and future are abstract, the past events already passed and you will not return them back, some future events might probably never happen.


2. Limit your communication with unpleasant people.

It is not their fault that they have another worldview or interests, that they prefer act in a certain way, but it is just not for you. Do not judge people, the way they live is their choice, the same about you. And do not let other people intrude on your life.


3. Do not pay much attention to everyday trifles.

They are an essential part of daily routine. As they appear, they will soon be gone. Do not waste your energy on it. It does not mean that you should escape this routine work, just keep your emotions under control and do not become irritated.


4. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Are you sure other people experience less problems than you? Do not hurry to complain or moan about your “hard” life, even if now the things are really not so good. If you feel that your destiny is unjust, put this ideas out of your head. Do you know that thoughts have power? If you continue thinking this way, the troubles from your head will, surely, come true to life.


Working on yourself is a time-consuming process, but the sooner you start, the sooner you will see the first results. Believe, if you take into account the pieces of advice, the coming changes will turn your life around.



There's a lot of stress out there, and to handle it, you just need to believe in yourself; always go back to the person that you know you are, and don't let anybody tell you any different, because everyone's special and everyone's awesome.

McKayla Maroney