Still presenting gift cards? Check whether your gifts do not irritate your friends

Gift is the main element of every holiday. But sometimes it gives us a lot of troubles to choose the right one. Something cheap can make the presenter feel embarrassed, but something expensive can put the presenter on spot. 

Of course, you may ask you friend or relative, what he or she wants to be given, but is it a real surprise? Be original! Choose the best gift according to the Zodiac Sign and let this person enjoy the holiday!



Aries would be glad to receive something red or woolen. You can give them knitted socks, mittens, scarf or sweater. Pillows or soft toys are also possible. Moreover, electronic devices or different gadgets are always good presents for Arians.



New wallet, laptop bag or rucksack can make Taurus happy. They also would be glad to receive something tasty (pie, cake or cookie). What's more, you can present them originally packed cash or card as well.



Geminians are usually waiting for something funny, unusual and original. That's why the best gift for them may be found in special shops of jokes and tricks. But if you want to be a serious presenter, you may choose beautiful candles or electronic devices to make Geminians feel happy.



Cancer would be happy to get entrance tickets to theater, cinema, concert, amusement or water park and skating rink. For adult Cancerians you may also choose food, alcohol, candles or something for their house decoration.



Such presents like gloves or scarves would be great for people of this sign. You can also give them cosmetics or perfumes of famous brands. But if you aren't sure, you may ask them directly about their wishes, they would willingly express their desires.



Virgos are practical people, so they are fond of useful things like hairdryers, lamps, irons, razors, kettles and toasters. What's more, they wouldn't like receiving useless trifles or souvenirs at all. So, be careful while choosing a gift for them.



Librans are always happy to get books, earphones, photograph albums or frames. You can even print and present their beautiful family photo. You may please them with expensive drinks or delicacies, bright pieces of interior and lovely trifles.



You may present people of Scorpio sign something practical and lovely such as a nice teacup. They would be also glad to receive gift made of silk and wool. But the best present for them is that one, which is connected with their passion or hobby.



Sagittarians like to receive something simple but originally designed. It may be socks, gloves, hats, scarves or other items of closing. Of course, you may present them useful gadgets and accessories for trips and travelings.


You can make Capricorns glad when give them such presents as cooking battery and different kinds of cold steels like knives, daggers etc. Footwear (like slippers or sneakers) are also possible for people of this sign.



The best presents for Aquarians are different kinds of clocks – wristwatches, wall clocks or alarm clocks with some additional functions. Moreover, people of these sign like surprises most of all, so be as unpredictable as possible.



Pisces like various glass things like vases, bowls, wine glasses, plates and other kitchen or interior items. Talking about interior, they would be also glad to receive home textiles such as table-clothes, bed-clothes, towels or napkins.