Only these 10 ways will improve your self-esteem

Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can kind of pick up on that: they can see confidence, they can see self-esteem, and naturally, people gravitate towards you.

Lilly Singh


Are you afraid to make the first step? Does your boss want to reward and promote you, but you are ready to fail the task to remain unseen? The level of your confidence is a current and urgent question. There are 10 ways that we have prepared for you to help you become a confident person.

Self-esteem influences your perception of yourself. Being confident you are able to see your best and worst traits, improve yourself, live in harmony with yourself and be happy.

Though it often happens that many people have low self-esteem.

Some people would like to know how to build self esteem, because without confidence a person is not able to express his or her individuality, realize his or her potential and enjoy life.

Such a person does not notice anything good in him- or herself and can hardly reach his or her goals.

When such a person comes across even the smallest difficulty, he or she is ready to give up and blame his- or herself. Such thinking will surely lead to a depression.

We are sure, you do not want to have it. So, if you want to have high self esteem, have patience, because it takes much time and efforts. You should make up your mind for this process and treat it seriously to achieve an amazing result.

Statistics say that success depends more on confidence than competence.


Here are 10 ways How to improve self-esteem.


But, remember that your confidence is a subjective factor which depends upon you. The way you treat yourself and others do differs.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.


    You are an individuality. There are many people and, in any case, some of them are richer, cleverer or more successful and talented than you. So, comparing yourself to somebody else is in vain.

  2. Stop criticizing yourself.


    Destructive criticism does not contribute to building self-esteem. On the contrary, it will be a big obstacle on your way to the desired goal.

  3. Believe in your strength.


    Make yourself believe that there is nothing impossible for you. Even a big and difficult purpose can be divided into several smaller tasks.

  4. Accept compliments correctly.


    Forget about the phrases like “you flatter me”, “oh, come on”, “i wish it were as you say”. Substitute them for “thank you”, “it is very nice of you”, “nice to hear that”. Stop thinking that you don’t deserve these compliments. It is prejudices caused by the lack of confidence.

  5. Keep a diary.


    Start your personal diary of your success. Write down your daily victories, even those that seem insignificant and small. Big things have small beginnings.

    The important thing is to re-read this diary every day. Be satisfied with your victories and you soon you will have confidence in your daily actions.

  6. You are great.


    Make a list of your positive traits, at least, 15. Put it on the first page of your diary. The problem of many people with low self-esteem is their obsession with their negative qualities.

  7. Imitate confidence.


    Insane, but true, to learn how to build self-esteem begins with imitating it. You may trick your mind and soon it will believe in this thought.

  8. Self-care.


        It is a cliché, but it appeared for good reason. Did you ever ask yourself why all prosperous and rich people do sport everyday? Surely, you follow on Instagram or Facebook a popular celebrity or  influential business person. You were likely to see many pictures of these people in a gym or doing yoga. Avoid junk food, start doing sport or it will be hard to demonstrate a new better version of you.

9. Make mistakes.


        It is a very scary word for many people – a failure. Especially, if you are a perfectionist. But admit that it is inevitable. Moreover, when you make a mistake, you learn something new. It is a lesson for the future and useful experience. Now you know that it does not work and will have more confidence dealing with similar stuff later on.

    10. Visualize.


            Our brain does not differentiate what happens in reality and in our imagination very well. That is why visualization is a very good and helpful method.

            Just imagine the situation in which you would like to have confidence. Try to make it as realistic as possible with all the details. Then, imagine how you cope with the obstacles, step by step.


      Be sure that these 10 ways do really work!