Kylie Minogue had the same problem. 17 pieces of advice How to stop thinking too much.

“We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap.”

Anthony Hopkins

Even a famous singer Kylie Minogue sings “I just can’t get you out of my head”. A wide-spread problem how to stop thinking about something or someone chases almost every person in the world. We will find out the reasons of it and suggest how to overcome this problem.


The absence of directed intellectual activity does not let your mind stop working. So you can keep thinking too much. The flow of thoughts continues even during absolute rest. We always keep our mind busy with different ideas and plans that will never come true to life.

Usually it happens when you are bored or do monotonous routine work that does not demand concentration. It often leads to overthinking.


Before we find out How to stop overthinking, let’s consider the essence of this process.


Inner thoughts can be productive and non-productive.

The former ones are aimed at reaching some exact purposes and connected with your activity.

The latter ones can not be realized in the real world. Such futile thoughts called “mental gum”.

It distracts you from the reality and absorbs much attention.


How to stop thinking about something? How to overcome this mental gum?



- switch your attention

As far as you noticed that the same thought occurs in your mind, switch your attention to something else, to some things or objects that surround you.


- take a walk

Go out, listen to the sounds of nature, voices of people. Pay attention to the colors of people’s clothes or shop windows around you.


- live in the present

Feel the current moment. Do not think, just be here and right now.


- fight

Treat this mental gum as a bad habit. In most cases, you get used to it as a chain smoker does to cigarettes. It means, that it will take time to give up this habit.


- meditation

During meditation your mind should be free of thoughts, your body relaxed. Give yourself several minutes to flow as if your are weightless.


- write down your thoughts

Maybe they were real some day, but you could not manage those things and now they chase you in your mind. Get rid of your past mistakes.


- time limits


Give yourself time to think. Just sit in a comfy position and think. Close your eyes and let thoughts fill your mind.


- find a hobby

As we have mentioned before, often this mental gum takes place when you are bored. Find a new occupation which captures you.


Let’s come to another wide-spread problem.

You had a long relationship, but then you parted with this person. Even if the end of your relationship was not good and you would like to forget about it as soon as possible, your mind does not let it go. Sometimes, it lasts for weeks, months and even years, but you cant help thinking about it.

Let’s find out the reasons and solutions of this problem.


How to stop thinking about someone



To figure out the reason means being on halfway to the solution of the problem.


  • Suppressed emotions

    You are trying to hide the pain and despair that were brought by the end of your relationship. Give loose to these emotions: cry, shout.

  • Unexpressed resentment

    Mentally, you are still in the relationship. You continue arguing with your partner and picking on him or her. Write a letter to your ex and burn it.

  • The sense of guilt

    You are thinking too much that you could hurt his or her feeling and can not forgive yourself. You have the only possible way out. Imagine that you are talking to this person and apologize or write a letter asking forgiveness. You are unlikely to send it, so use the previous advice and burn it.

  • The only one.

    You think that he or she was your destiny and you will never meet somebody better than him or her. Prove the opposite thing. Visit public places, hang out with friends and, soon, you will meet your beloved.

  • Inability to love

    Your ex took all your love and you won’t be able to fall in love again and have the same strong feelings. Just check it, you are likely to underestimate your “love store”.

  • Shared future

    “We had so many plans for the future”, - says your inner voice. Now you can not imagine your future life without him or her. But did those plans exist or it was you who had them? Make a list of your own plans.

  • Obliges communication

If you see this person almost every day it is almost impossible to stop thinking about someone you parted with. If you can not change your route, be reserved, do not let your past feelings influence you now.

  • It’s all for the best

    If some doors close, it means that you are on your way to new opportunities, be ready to open a new door. Stop thinking about your ex. You need free space for a new encounter.

  • Keep it secret

    If the break has just happened do not hurry to share it with everybody. They will keep discussing it for a long time. To stop thinking about someone you do not need to hear his or her name every time you meet with your friends or acquaintances.

    It is said that you can not run from yourself. But already in a month you will notice that the pain became a bit blunt and the thoughts about this person became rarer.