How to achieve great success? Use your Zodiac sign symbol and its meaning to reveal most prominent traits.

Most people know their Zodiac sign, but only few of them know its symbol and meaning. Our article helps to reveal the meaning of your Zodiac sign and show its influence. The signs of astrology are, not for nothing, of a big significance nowadays.



Zodiac sign dates: 20 March - 18 April

Element - Fire

Ruling planet - Mars

Symbol – The Ram

It is very simple to recognize the symbol of Aries, because it resembles the horns of a ram. The esoteric meaning of it is a big explosion. This interpretation suits the character of this sign. People born under this Zodiac sign are very short-tempered by nature. The symbol also can be interpreted as a man’s face. It means that Aries think before act.



Zodiac sign dates: 19 April – 19 May

Element - Earth

Ruling planet – Venus

Symbol – The Bull

Traditionally, the symbol of Taurus resembles a bull’s head. Esoterically, it is a combination of a circle (the sign of the Sun) and semi-circle (the sign of the Moon) that symbolizes the creation of matter and space.

This union of two oppositions makes Taurus a very contradicting person characterized by strong will, persistence and fortitude.



Zodiac sign dates: 20 May – 19 June

Element - Air

Ruling planet – Mercury

Symbol – The Twins

It is a combination of two moons, looking at different sides. This Zodiac symbol together with the meaning manifests itself in duality of a person’s soul. People born under this sign often go from one extreme to another. That is why, it is so hard to understand them.



Zodiac sign dates: 20 June – 21 July

Element - Water

Ruling planet – the Moon

Symbol – The Crab

This sign is considered to be female, symbolizing the crab’s claws as the union of feminine and masculine. Both genders of this sign are very sensitive and impressionable. They perfectly suit for a family life.



Zodiac sign dates: 22 July – 21 August

Element - Fire

Ruling planet – the Sun

Symbol – The Lion

The lion’s mane may symbolize uncompromising and complex nature of these people. Leos can be easily distinguished among others by their freedom-loving, sensitivity and aristocracy.



Zodiac sign dates: 22 August – 21 September

Element - Earth

Ruling planet – Mercury

Symbol – The Virgin

This symbol reminds of a scorpion with its tail inwards, absorbing life energy.

The main esoteric goal of this sign is to structure space. But, most likely, it means a reproductive function. People of this sign usually lead a healthy lifestyle.



Zodiac sign dates: 22 September – 21 October

Element - Air

Ruling planet – Venus

Symbol – The Scales

The main Karmic aim of Libra is to bring harmony and beauty in this world. The symbol is the unity of spiritual and physical, earthy and heavenly.

These people always help to solve a difficult question and support.



Zodiac sign dates: 22 October – 20 November

Element - Water

Ruling planet – Mars

Symbol – The Scorpion

The symbol almost repeats the Virgo’s one but with its tail outwards. One of the versions says that this “sting” is their defense and people of this sign are able to protect themselves and repulse. But it also says that they are rather revengeful.



Zodiac sign dates: 21 November – 20 December

Element - Fire

Ruling planet – Jupiter

Symbol – The Archer

Their arrow represents the law which helps to get rid of chaos and give a vector for further development.

They are not too tactful and usually say everything they think of, it often hurts their close people. But the arrow also shows a high intellectual level of a person of this sign.



Zodiac sign dates: 21 December – 18 January

Element - Earth

Ruling planet – Saturn

Symbol – The Goat

The symbol’s meaning is wisdom which accompanies a person from childhood. Their determination and courage helps them overcome any difficulties and achieve their purposes. Their symbol’s meaning is controversial. On the one hand, it means the movement upwards, the striving for life, future and light, on the other hand, - the fall in an abyss. That is why Capricorns must skillfully balance.



Zodiac sign dates: 19 January – 17 February

Element - Air

Ruling planet – Saturn

Symbol -The Water Bearer

Symbolically, it can mean the appearance of intellect, but it is ruled by a higher intelligence. Many people of this sign are brilliant by nature. But their talents can be hardly explained by simple logic.



Zodiac sign dates: 18 February – 19 March

Element - Water

Ruling planet – Jupiter

Symbol – The Fishes

The symbol is two fishes combined together. But they are absolutely different. This is the nature of people born under this sign. They can go with the stream, accepting everything they are given, and go against it, despite of any difficulties.

These people live in their own world, though are very sensitive and ambitious. But they show it rarely and not to everybody.


If you have wondered at some of your personal traits before, we are sure, that the Zodiac symbols with their meanings will help you understand yourself much better!