How these 6 steps can save your relationship. 6 effective ways to overcome jealousy.

We know that jealousy is a very strong emotion. It can destroy the life even of the most rational person. Moreover, being too jealous you can worsen the life of a person who loves you and your relationship in general.

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely escape this emotion. But what can we do if it is impossible to get rid of jealousy on 100 per cent? We can reduce its influence greatly.


Here are 6 effective ways How to overcome jealousy


1. Communicate.


If people could speak frankly about their feelings, they would escape a lot of troubles. If you talk about everything that worries you, you will be able to avoid the accumulation of negative emotions, which will, surely, lead to troubles.

You should talk to a person straightforwardly. Open your feelings and say what worries you and why you feel jealousy. Maybe, you may ask for advice.

For example, if your partner stays too long at work without saying it to you, you could ask to spend more time with you or, at least, let you know.

In this case, you won’t have different fantasies being at home and waiting for your partner.

The verbalization of your feelings is very helpful, because it gives a better conception about your emotional condition. Your close person will be able to see the things from another angle.


2. Live your life.


Let’s think of the reason for your jealousy. One of them is the lack of confidence. So, improving your confidence it will be much easier to overcome this negative feeling. Overcoming jealousy you should be sure that you are the best, and for your partner as well.

Moreover, you should have free space. You should not try to spend all the day together. You’d better to become more independent and it will make your relationship last longer.


Ideally, your partner is just the forth part of your emotional needs. The rest you should get from friendship, work, hobbies. Do not let one sphere of your life dominate. The more versatile you are, the stronger is your relationship and the less is your feeling of jealousy.

Being busy with your own life, you will not have time to be obsessed about fables.


3. Stop controlling everything.



If you feel jealousy, you strive for controlling everything and the life of your partner as well. The weakening of control will help you to get rid of jealousy. Who likes to be constantly questioned or chased? The answer is clear. Do not try to make a mountain out of a molehill. Do not study your partner’s phone or business letters, trying to find something unpleasant. Your partner might feel being caught. It will only cause the desire to run away.


4. Focus on positive actions.



Jealousy can serve well, only if it stimulates you to perfect yourself in order to become better for your partner. Do not try to follow popular ideals, give up the attempts to overtake everybody. There are a lot of people who do something better than you or have something that you do not have. Strive for reaching the ideal of yourself. Make a plan of your actions that will help you to reach what you want. This will also help to get busy with something and escape silly thoughts.


5. Develop self-love.


If you have problems with confidence and some complexes, this step will be the most difficult. Though the result will exceed all expectations. Happy and self-efficient people know that they are worth a good attitude, love and care. Being confident it will be much easier for you to overcome jealousy. You will know that you look smart, think smart and do your best and there are few competitors, even none of them. Pay your attention inwards rather than outwards.


6. Turn to for professional help.



Despite of the fact that jealousy is a natural feeling, sometimes, it may go beyond the bounds and be very harmful. If you can not cope with it on your own, it is better to ask for professional advice.

The reasons for turning to for help:

- you keep criticizing yourself daily

- never feel good

- experience anxiety together with jealousy

- full of maniacal ideas

- start spying on your partner

These signs prevent you from overcoming jealousy on your own.


Trust your partner and perfect yourself everyday to enjoy your life without unnecessary suspicion.