Guru of Meditation: 5 main rules to meditate properly and 5 best meditation techniques

Every day hundreds of people experience stress. There are a lot of ways to struggle with daily cares and anxiety, but few of them give a constant result. If you want to learn how to live in harmony, start meditating today. In our article you will find 5 main rules How to meditate properly and 5 best meditation techniques which suit even beginners.

At first, let’s discuss the purpose of meditation and what you can get doing it.

Meditation is a great relaxing means that defuses daily tension, helps to suppress fears and anger, get over difficulties, understand other people, treat them with sympathy and educate yourself.

The main purpose of meditation is to find peace, reduce stress and forget about daily bustle.

You will become calm on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. Feeling the inner peace you will become more vivid and energetic and find yourself.


The following rules will be important to read to know how to meditate for beginners and, in general, if you want to know how to meditate properly, maybe you missed one of the main rules.

Before you start meditating, study these rules.

  • Consistency

    If you want to learn how to control your mind and reduce stress, you should devote yourself completely to the process and practice it on a regular basis. Do it every day or, at least, 3 times a week.

  • Place


    Allot a room or some space for meditation. Make it cosy: put candles, cushions. Make the place so snug that you will want to be there and relax.

  • Practical course

    Choose the course to follow. You may start with breathing meditation. It helps to clear up your mind and relax your body.

  • Relaxation

    You should relax not only your body, but mind as well. Focus only on your breath, cast aside another thoughts. However, be wide-awake not to fall asleep.

  • Short sessions

    If you are a beginner, start with 5-minutes sessions and only if you are ready, enlarge the time of meditation.

If you made up your mind for meditation, try meditation techniques for beginners.


The sooner you start, the sooner you notice that it is not that difficult. Choose any of the techniques and practice it for 1-2 weeks before you move to another one.


Here are 5 best Meditation Techniques For Beginners:


  1. Conscious breathing

    It is one of the main techniques for utmost concentration. Just focus on your breathing, how you inhale and exhale, how the air goes though your lungs. If you switch your attention to something else, don’t be afraid, just bring it back. If you keep on losing your focus, try to count your each breath. Do not control your breathing, just watch your feeling.

  2. Singing mantras.

    It is another effective method for concentration. Mantras consist of one syllable, word or phrase. But you can start just with the word “peace”. Keep on saying it, you can do it aloud or in your head.

  3. Tactile relaxation.

    Actually, you use it everyday, but unconsciously. When you are nervous, you take any object that is near and finger it. That is how your fear or anxiety is displayed.

    This technique will let you defuse tension and get rid of stress. It will give you more confidence and inspiration.

    For this way of relaxation you will need any object, preferably, of a round shape. Take it in your hands and define its physical parameters: size, shape, temperature. Then start to shift it from one hand to another, and switch your attention to the process. Repeat it at the constant speed several times. In your head you can pronounce any phrase that evokes pleasant emotions. The monotonous movements and whisper of the inner voice will plunge your consciousness into a trance and dispose to a positive mood.

  4. Visual effect.

    Here you need to concentrate on an object or phenomenon. Notice the beauty of it and enjoy. Usually, during the day you spend your energy on analyzing your daily actions and it is wasted on destructive thoughts. To get some energy, you start eating, mixing up the physical hunger with emotional one. But it won’t help. To get emotional balance, you need to be sated with meditation, watching natural phenomena.

  5. Dream on.


It is one of the most effective techniques. It combines several methods. But you need to concentrate your attention exactly on the feelings that appear from different images in your mind. You can control your fantasies and set them on the right track. Close your eyes and imagine something good. Detail the image with visual, audio, physical effects and focus on the emotions. It will help you to relax and run away from the worldly vanity. It will inspire you to realize your dreams and plans.

Now you are almost ready to start meditating. You just need to buy comfortable clothes for this process. Nothing should distract you from meditation.