9 Ways Bad Days Can Increase Your Productivity

No one really has a bad life. Not even a bad day. Just bad moments.

Regina Brett

Why sportsmen are not the only ones who need a time-out? How to turn your bad day into a winning game? We have 9 ways to do it.


Sometimes, you have such a logy day and it seems to last forever.

You did not know what to do when you have a bad day and the only thing you dream of is to come back home and fall asleep, forgetting about all the problems.


But could you imagine that spending such days in the right way can help you take on a new lease of life?


9 effective pieces of advice: What to do on a bad day?


1. Talk to your close person.


Call your friend to meet or just talk on the phone. Ask him or her just to listen to you. Sometimes, being heard is the best medicine. When you share your problems and worries, you can ask for a piece of advice if you need. Often you are not able to see the whole picture.


2. Share your emotions with a diary.


If you don’t want to talk to anybody, write down all the things that care you. When you read your own thoughts, it gives you the opportunity to look at the situation from another angle and analyze it. Your chaos turns into conscious sentences.


The following pieces of advice you can also follow if you would like to know how to be happy AFTER a bad day.


3. Move.


If you like running – have a run. If you enjoy yoga – do several Asanas right now.

Doing sport you can free up your mind and cheer up.


4. Get some fresh air.


If you don’t feel the burst of energy, have a walk and get some fresh air. Think of a place you would like to be, sit calmly and dream.


If you had a bad day you can turn it around just taking a break.


5. Take a time-out.


If it is not just your bad mood but a pile of troubles that make you feel stressed, forget about them for a while, focus your attention on something else, let your mind relax. A bit of rest will help you concentrate on making the right decision.


6. Look for motivation.


You can watch some inspiring films or just videos. Watch the speeches of famous and prosperous people. They, surely, know how to struggle with problems and also bad mood. Sometimes, the ideas expressed in such videos make you motivated to put more efforts in the things you do.


7. Plunge into another world.


Take a captivating book, find a comfy position and read. Reading is a brilliant way to reduce stress. It takes all your attention and makes you forget about current problems.

It can make you happy on a bad day and even after it.


8. Take a bath.



Make SPA at home. Run a hot bath. You can use your favorite bath salt and an aromatic gel shower. You deserve to have a rest and relax. You can close your eyes, turn on your TV or radio and listen to music if you like.


9. Sleep the night with your problem.


Sometimes, it is enough just to have a good sleep. The morning of a new day will bring you fresh ideas and views on the problem. Go to bed early, listen to relaxing music, close your eyes, meditate. It is important to drive all negative thoughts away.


Following these pieces of advice you will take on a new lease of life. It will increase your productivity greatly and help to overcome bad moments much easier.


Sport, inspiring films, a hot bath and a good sleep are the best friends for being at ease every day.