8 things you should never do

8 things you should never do

These 8 things can add some problems to your life. Let's not make life complicated. 

1. Lie to yourself.


You can persuade yourself in something, but you can not do it forever.

You might have told yourself that you don’t need a relationship or dream job, but, actually, you are not satisfied with your life and it needs to be changed.

It’s time to treat yourself seriously and respectfully, and become honest with yourself. This relationship is the most important in your life. So, make up your mind and ask yourself the most difficult questions you never dared to ask and decide what you really want.


2. Say “I can not” to all difficulties.


Do not let you fears control your life. Next time when you want to say “I can’t”, replace this phrase by “Why not?”. Leave some space for possible opportunities, stop limiting yourself.

Try to define the basis of your fears and never give up that easily. Even small changes in your personality can provoke greater ones in your life.


3. Live without purposes.


If you live without thinking what you would like to be or do in the future, it means that you do not respect the time given to you.

Why do you need to set purposes? It is the best way to focus on what is important to you.

How to define your purposes? Ask yourself: What should I do in life? What would I like to do in the future? What would be the ideal life for me?

Write down 3 main aims and highlight the things you should do daily, weekly, monthly and work out a daily, weekly, monthly plan to move towards your dream.


4. Depend upon other people emotionally.


Do not use other people to decide your emotional problems. Why? When they do not have time on you or leave you, you will be helpless.

You should be able to take care of yourself. Do not look for entertainments that do not give you pleasure, you should not do the things you don’t like. To maintain the level of happiness live your life in the way you like it.

Among other things, believe in yourself and your talents and personality will be appreciated.


5. Obsess over other people’s life and thoughts.


You think the life of your friends is much more exciting and interesting than yours when you look at their Instragram or Facebook accounts. Try to look at it with a pinch of skepticism. Maybe, it is not their reality, but a version of reality they would like to live in. You’d better to concentrate on your own life.

Learn how to be grateful for the minor details, remain true to yourself and your principles.

Any advice is a piece of another person’s experience and represents a part of his or her biography.

Use your critical thinking and sanity before acting.


Next habit is one of the most harmful in the list of the things not to do in life


6. Constantly think of your mistakes.


There is a big difference between analyzing mistakes not to repeat them and always keeping them in mind to blame yourself. Whether you learn how to overcome a failure or you are not able to develop.

Mistakes are a normal part of life, the most significant things is how you treat these mistakes. Try to reconsider your past, forgive you for your mistakes and learn a lesson from them.

It concerns all the spheres of life where you failed to achieve the desired things. Another attitude will give you much more freedom in your future.


7. Spend everything.


If you do not earn much money, do not waste them being led by unexpected desires. These moments will pass, but the bills will remain. Treat money cleverly and save a certain percent of your income each month. Even if it is a small amount of money, you will notice how it will increase with time.


8. Forget about moral principles.


Your moral principles are a combination of your education, cultural values, religion and personal rules that you created for yourself.

Let them lead you in life and help making decisions. The thing that you should never do is to follow others’ way of behavior.


Always be true to yourself!