7 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About Laziness

Laziness works. And the simple way to incorporate its health benefits into your life is simply to take a nap.

Tom Hodgkinson

Think of yourself as a motionless lion, but, actually, you are a lazy bones house-cat Max. Do you want to know how to turn yourself into a real king of the life?


There is such an idea that laziness does not exist. If a person does not want to do some work, there are certain reasons, not just an abstract condition of laziness.

Laziness can be of two types: physical and psychological. The former one takes places when you are not able to move to do something, for example, tidy up the house. The latter kind of laziness occurs when your body is ready to fulfill some tasks, but your brains can not focus.

If you ever asked the question: “Why am I so lazy?” here are several reasons of it, no matter which kind of laziness it is.

Before you start thinking how to stop being lazy, consider properly the reasons of it.

The most common reasons:

1. Lack of organization.
For example, you come to work and before start doing your direct duties, check Facebook or Instagram, then you decide to drink a cup of coffee and so on, you do not have a list of plans and can not organize your working process.


2. Fear to be failed.
You are not lazy to do it, you are easily afraid of the result. What if you do not succeed or do not reach the desirable goal? What if everybody sees your failure? That is why, you prefer to not start.


3. Unwillingness to take responsibility.
For example, if you do your job well, the boss will notice it and highly appreciate. Maybe, he or she would decide to promote you. The higher position – the more responsibility you have to take. Your decision is to postpone the deadline until it becomes too late. It is better to ask not why-am-I-lazy questions, but why-am-I-afraid one.



        4. Boredom, depression.


        You are not interested in the process of what you are doing. You have to make yourself go to your job and work. You need to be a very strong-willed or stupid person to deal with the things you      dislike.


           5. Lack of confidence and perfectionism.


           You do not believe that you can handle it, if you can not do something perfect, you decide to not do it at all.


            6. Self-sabotage.


            You, consciously, want to fail to enjoy the boss’ anger.



            7. False difficulties.


             You created a problem out of nothing and persuaded yourself that it is almost impossible to cope with this situation.


      7 tips to successfully overcome laziness

      If you found out the reason of your laziness, let’s start working on it.

      There is an algorithm of 7 Tips which will help you to overcome laziness.

      Tip 1

      Get rid of all limitations.

      Forget about your fears, social or parental rules and depressions. Ask yourself: “What the worst thing can happen if I do this?”. Maybe, nothing serious will happen, nobody will laugh or point at you. The life won’t be ruined and all your close people will be near. So, this fear is likely to exist only in your head.


      Tip 2

      Set a purpose.

      Finish your day with writing a things-to-do list on tomorrow. For example,

      -do this task till midday,

      -call to the doctor,

      -arrange a meeting,

      -meet with my friends

      and so on.


      Tip 3

        Getting ready for a working day.

        Close all the Internet pages with social media, turn off the sound on your cell-phone unless you have to make a call, postpone your chat with co-workers until lunch.


        Tip 4

        Find a motivation.

        Imagine yourself in the future, what do you see? Whether this job or thing is necessary for a future yourself. If yes and it will help you reach what you want, start acting.

        If you want to give it up, think what you can have if you fulfill it.


        Tip 5

        Difficulties – first.

        Do the most difficult tasks in the first part of the day when you are more diligent and not tired yet. If you are a nighthawk, let your organism wake up and then immediately start dealing with the most complicated stuff.

        Starting with an easy task, you will feel relaxed and won’t be able to make up your mind to get busy with a more serious one.


        Tip 6

        Rule the situation.

        If some task is not going on well, and it is not urgently, turn your attention to something else (another task, not surfing the Internet).


        Tip 7

        Reward yourself.

        Do not forget to take short breaks during your work. Being tired you won’t be able to work well. For example, you finished a very serious and time-consuming task, drink tea, eat a candy, take a deep breath, close your eyes and let your organism and brain relax for 10-15 minutes.


        There is nothing worse than a pale and exhausted person who hates his or her job.

        If you get a fee for your work, please yourself, buy something that can make you smile.

        Try to not be lazy, do your job properly and responsibly and you can afford to have “lazy” time in the evening or during your lunch time at work.

        But, do not mix up a short respite and banal laziness.

        If you constantly avoid any work, think what future life you want. This picture in your mind should set you to the right direction and to these 7 tips how to overcome your laziness.