6 thoughts that make you unhappy with your life

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

Omar Khayyam


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

Jim Rohn


Being asked “What do you need for happiness?”, how much time will you need to formulate the answer? Will you have the exact answer? Will it be something material like a new car and house or something spiritual like peace and harmony? Are you sure it will really make you happy?


Everybody wants to be happy, but few of us know what to do. That is why, we are surrounded by unhappy people and, maybe, you are one of them. Everybody only asks “Why am I unhappy” and tries to improve the situation, but still not satisfied with their life. We suggest 6 ways to change your thinking.


6 thoughts that you should change to lead a more happy life.


What you think: Your mind runs the show. Everything that exists in your mind is not real, but just the product of your imagination. It is your own reality which nobody else sees. Sometimes, this made-up life captures you like an exciting book and you forget that it is only your imagination. But in reality you are unhappy with your life. The programs that help to create your made up reality in your mind do not suit your real life. That is why, you have to control your mind to make it work how you need.


What you should think: If you constantly ask why am I so unhappy and consider yourself weak and shy, your brain will give you only proofs of your worthlessness. There are a plenty of ways to control and rule your mind and make it encourage you and not limit. At first, get rid of empty dreams and imagination. Then, start persuading yourself in your own significance.



What you think: You always compare yourself to somebody else. You are sure that you never become as good as Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. But perfect appearance and high position will not make you a happy person. To compete with the whole world is tiresome and in vain. This is one of the most destructive things for your mind. And, what is more, you can not become better than everybody of 7 billion people. You will still be not happy with your life.


What you should think: Be grateful to your destiny and your parents that you can enjoy daily happy moments right now. Surround yourself with people who can support you in hard times, friends, people who can serve as an example, they can be better, cleverer and it will push you harder to develop. Ask yourself: “What am I afraid to lose? Do I really need the things I strive for? How will they make me happy?”. If your mind is full of abstract phrases like: “Yes, I do really need them because that person has them or It will make me happy” you will never be satisfied with your life. So, appreciate what you have, set attainable aims that should be concrete (not I want to be happy, but I want to find a new job because it will help to realize my talents and so on) and compare yourself only to yourself of yesterday to see the changes.




What you think: You chase your dream, but it will give only temporary satisfaction. The society and mass media make you believe that if you get the desired thing, you will become happy with life, but it is complete nonsense. The feeling of novelty and satisfaction are ephemeral. The researchers found out that serious personal events whether positive or negative, create temporary changes in the level of happiness, but soon it gets back into place. Perfectionists do not live, but always chase an elusive ideal. They are looking for a perfect partner, job and so on.


What you should think: Happiness hides in everything that surrounds you. Somebody can be happy spending an evening together with his or her family, another person feels great when he or she reads his or her favorite book. Really happy people enjoy the simplest things that present in their daily life. When your life is a chase, you feel unhappy with your life. It does not mean that you should give up your dream, just do not make it a measurement of your mood.



What you think: You are a victim of circumstances. You will always find somebody to blame in your mischief. Ask yourself: What do I hope for? That a person will admit his or her guilt and will do everything to please you. It is unlikely to happen. Stop asking Why am I unhappy, a victim will never be satisfied, because it is part of its personality. Though to lead such a life is easier, you always find somebody to blame, like nothing depends upon you.


What you should think: Take responsibility and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Life is a way of ups and downs. You can not imagine what some happy people had to overcome. And do not let other people intrude onto your life.



What you think: You are not lucky, that is why, you do not succeed. Other people have influential friends or they got everything by accident. You are always moaning and burden others with your complaints.


What you should think: Admit to yourself that you are a loser and begin with finding a motivation. Different films and books can help you to imagine yourself in different life situations and think what you would do if you were at his or her place.



What you think: When I have this and this and this … I will become happy, but, at first, I need to buy this. The worst thing is that you limit yourself setting such conditions for your own happiness.

What you should think: Happiness is not a destination. It is a process. Life is too short to not enjoy every moment of it. You need to balance your mind and body doing the things that give you pleasure. For this purpose you need to practice. How else can you know that you will like it if you never tried it? Life can be compared to constant tasting, each bite is new experience.