5 things that you must keep like a secret.

If you don’t want to have a bad reputation in the popular social networks, follow these 5 rules and enjoy surfing the Internet.

XXI century is the century of social media. You life becomes an open book for your friends, relatives and people you don’t even know. But there are 5 things that must be hidden.

If they become widely-known, it will not bring anything good on both physical and psychological levels. If you want to escape unpleasant situations, follow one wise advice: try to keeping secret these 5 things.


1. Your plans and purposes for the future.


Never tell anybody about your serious plans until you start realizing them and get some results. This approach has several advantages:

    - you are secured from jealous people who can steal your ideas and realize them better and faster than you do

    - according to the researchers, when some people know about your plans, you have an early feeling of achieving them. Your brains treat it as the final result, as if you had all the necessary work done and you start losing your motivation.


    2. Your deeds.

    If you talk about your deeds, you show that the reason for your good and noble actions was to show off the things that you made to get people’s recognition. You deprive your actions of selflessness and genteelness.

    People will appreciate the things you make out of kindness much more if you do not say it out loud.

    Also it is not respectfully concerning other people, because boasting you will seem too arrogant. Keeping this information secret will be much nicer of you.


    3. The details about your lifestyle.

    A lot of people try to improve their life quality and perfect themselves. Irrespective the things you have decided to do concerning your lifestyle you should remember that you do it for yourself. If you decided to keep to a diet, do sport, give up smoking and so on, the main reason for these changes should be your real and sincere desire for self-improvement.

    Do not live according to the popular social streams, in this case the main purpose will be to join this stream and share this information.


    4. Family problems.

    Everything that is connected with your family and private life should be hidden.

    There are certain problems and conflicts in the family of almost every person and outside interference will do no good. Only the participants of this conflict situation should be aware of it. Our advice is to keep it safe, keep it secret. Moreover, each person in this problematic situation has their own point of view, and saying everything about this conflict to somebody else, you can hurt the feelings of the other members of it and even worsen the situation.

    Remember, the conflicts are often just the result of negative energy coming out and soon all the arguments will be settled. If you can not cope with it on your own, you can advise with the psychologist or best friend.


    5. The secrets of other people.

    If another person trusted you his or her secret, it is better to guard it day and night. If you spread the information about other people, you will break their trust and can lose them for ever. So keep it like your own secret, even your own reputation may be damaged.