4 secret boldness tips that could help you win MasterChef.

How the biography of Teodor Ruzvelt can help you? Why should you talk to yourself out loud?

There were several situation in your life when you showed a white feather, weren’t there? You would like to be as brave as a lion, so this article will give you useful boldness tips that you can easily introduce into your life.


4 boldness tips which will help to answer the question: “How to be bold?”.


1. Admit to yourself that you are scared.


Boldness does not mean you are never afraid of anything, but that you keep going on despite of your fear. Do not know how to submit to your emotions?

  • Say it out loud. The verbalization of feelings helps us understand them better and, at the same time, realize that they do not differ from anybody’s feelings. You do not need to share it with somebody, just say it to yourself.

  • Admit the fact that we take risks everyday. Whatever you do, take a shower or cook dinner – it is somehow dangerous. But it does not mean that you would stop doing it.

  • Concentrate on something you can control. You will never be completely free from the fears, it is a natural protective reaction of your organism. But, you can still control yourself and your behavior. Focus on your actions, not emotions.

2. Choose a role model.


If you reach the stalemate and can not find a solution on your own, remember somebody else who faced the troubles. It will help to assess your situation from another angle and inspire to stay strong.

  • Search for bold people among your friends or relatives. Ask them how they overcame the most difficult situations and fought their fears.

  • Read about brave people of the past. For example, the biography of Teodor Ruzvelt, Harriet Tubman and other famous people.


3. Take a decision.

If you are in the situation when you need to make a difficult and bold decision, give yourself time to think over. When you are confident that you do it right, it gives you more courage. Ask yourself:

  • Do I act wisely? The simplest and most obvious decision is not always the best one. Rely on your common sense to work out a game plan.

    Is this decision is the only possible way out? Think, maybe this question can be solved in some other ways to avoid unnecessary nuisance. Maybe, you overlooked a good variant.

  • Did I think about possible consequences? If your decision may influence somebody else, think twice. Will be able to cope with it, if something goes wrong.


4. Do not abuse thinking, act.

    As it was noted you should think, but, nevertheless, you will have to stop thinking over and start acting. Take a deep breath, get rid of superfluous thoughts and follow your game plan. Try to concentrate and do not doubt.


    Let’s review shortly the main pieces of advice:


    - being bold means the ability to resist your fear

    - courage is the ability to raise and try again

    - in the cases of emergency, just do whatever the situation demands

    - develop confidence in yourself, saying “I know, I can” more often


    There is a fine line between boldness and folly. Even if you are as bold as brass, do not risk for no reason.