3 Methods How to get a social life Your Parents Want You To Know

Above and beyond having the social life, to have a core group of people that you work with and spend time with and learn how to work with is a nice thing.

Shawn Ashmore


Your cat and TV are your best companions for a weekend? You are jealous of your group mates or co-workers who shake the dancefloor or have house parties? These 3 methods will help you have a social life.

How to get a social life is an important question for many people, because some of us prefer to stay at home each weekend or have no idea how to get new friends. It is time to make new contacts.


3 great methods to have a social life

Become more sociable


  • Put the communication in the priority.

You may have the lack of communication because of many reasons: study, work or your partner.

- You may be tied up at work, but make an effort and find free time to spend it out of your home or work.

- Of course, if you are exhausted, have a rest. It is not advisable to make yourself go out and entertain, if you have no desire and energy.


  • Be ready to accept invitations.

Even if it does not seem very exciting at first sight, try it. It is much better than sit at home, watching TV. Learn to accept invitations, if you do not have serious reasons to refuse.


  • Do not be afraid to be rejected.

Often people do not like to communicate, because they are afraid to be rejected or they think people do not like them. If you want to have a brighter social life, you need to more often be in public, even if you are scared.

- Remember, the worst thing that could happen is an unpleasant dialogue with somebody. Is it so scary?

  • Make your communication more valuable

Think of what you can offer to other people, of your best traits. You can make communication more pleasant, if you listen to your interlocutor and ask him or her questions.


  • Keep being positive


Nobody likes to communicate with moaners who are always complaining. Do not show to people your bad mood. Being positive and optimistic you will much more chances to make friends.

- It does not mean that you should hide your real feelings. You may be open and share your news whether good or bad, but, at first, let you and your new friend become closer.


  • Do not bother

We know how you want to get a social life, but you should not demand anybody’s attention.

- Do not suggest a thousand things to a new friend, especially, if they are connected with something personal.

    - Do not share the details of your private life, it is too early.


    • Be open to meet new people

    Maybe, your new friends seem boring, stupid and mediocre. If you think, nobody deserves to be your friend, reconsider your principles.

    - If you judge people and reject them too early, it shows your protective mechanism. To be not rejected, you do it first.

    - If you do not have common topics, maybe you have not found them yet. Switch the theme and start talking about another thing.


      Here are two more methods that will help to change your boring life and make it brighter and more colorful.

        Strike up acquaintances.


        • Look closer at your group mates or co-workers. How long have you been studying\working together? Maybe, some of them can become your good friend.


        • Find out who your neighbors are. If they are amiable, try to make friends.

        • Find a new hobby or occupation. New hobby or occupation can bring many new friends. So, if you always wanted to go to dance classes or somewhere else, do it. It is a good chance to meet people with common interests.

        • Visit acting classes. It will make you become more sociable and help you get new friends.

        • Start doing sport. Especially, team sport.

        • Become a volunteer.

        • Invite people yourself.

        - To have a social life means communicate. If you want to invite a person somewhere, make your plan more specific: set a day and time

        - Do not discuss something serious and too personal from the very beginning.

        - Do not invite a new friend straight to your house, it is better to meet in a cafe.


        • Date


        - You may register on a dating site or ask your friend to meet you with somebody.

        - If dates do not lead to a relationship, you may get a new friend.

        - Dates are a perfect variant to overcome the fear of people and learn how to communicate with people.

        • Use all opportunities to communicate

        - Attend office parties and get to know your co-workers better.

        - As well as university or college parties with your group mates

        - Try to be among sociable people. They are surrounded by their friends and many interesting people who know how to spend time with pleasure.


        Strengthen your relationship.

        These 5 tips explain how to change your boring social life.

          • Chum up with people.

          - To make new friends and maintain the relationship are two different things. Do not hurry. Take your time and let your friend open up.

          - Do not say everything at once.

          - Gradually involve new friend into your life


            • Fulfill your duties

              Do not waste your breath

            • Quality is more important than quantity

            Two or three close friends are better than many acquaintances. It is normal that you will meet with some of then once a week, but with another person just once a month.


            • Let people see your nature.

            It was natural that you hid some of your traits at the very beginning, but if you want to continue your relationship, show your true colors.


            • Communication is not always fun.


            Of course, parties, fun, breathtaking dialogues are an essential part of friendship, but you should not forget that it is also support and help. You should listen to your friend in his or her hard times, be ready to sympathize.