27 Secrets How To Make A Great First Impression

Do you remember the first time you saw him or her? It was wonderful, isn’t it? What about the fourth date? The seventh?

The first impression is made for 7 seconds. It does not matter what it is: a job interview, party, date or unexpected encounter, you should be ahead of the game, because you will not have another chance to make a good first impression.


The first impression depends upon the following factors:

  • The ability to control your body: gestures, walk, posture, facial expression.

  • Voice and intonation: pitch, confidence in voice

  • The sense of the words: this factor influences after some time after an acquaintance


Here are 13 tips How to make a good first impression


  • Egoism off

    Many people ask the following question: Do I make a good impression on people? It makes you feel a bit nervous and even stressed. You’d better to think what you can offer to people you are going to talk to.

  • Smile

    You perceive amiable and friendly people better and trust them more. You need only 34 milliseconds to read a facial expression and decide whether this person deserves your trust or not.

  • Mind the event


    Before you go to an event where you are supposed to talk to strangers, take into account what this event is about. To make a good impression on people you’d better to get dressed and prepare the topics for a conversation according to the event.

  • Prepare 7-seconds story about yourself

    Do not tell a stranger your biography, just several things about you that may help to start a dialogue.

  • Find something interesting in usual.

    For example, your answer to the question about your job can be: “I am a realtor” or “I am a person who helps people find a roof of their heads”. Of course, you know which answer is preferable.

  • 3 magic words

    To make a good first impression you should both answer and ask. If you were asked about your job, then you can show interest in your interlocutor asking “What about you?”


  • Use body language



    There is such a method that is called Mirroring. Its essence in mirroring the gestures and poses of your interlocutor. Of course, it should not be too obvious, otherwise, it will cause dislike.


  • Wear the clothes you feel comfortable.


    You feel more confident in comfortable clothes. It does not mean that you can get dressed in loose and sporty clothes, but do not choose tight things. Find a balance between a dress code and your comfort.


  • Give right compliments.


    Just a compliment is, surely, pleasant, but you can make it the continuation of your conversation. For example, “What a great dress! Where did you buy it, if it’s not a secret?”. Of course, flattery will be easily seen, so do it sincerely.


  • Read


    Usually, a well-read person is a good interlocutor. In any case, try to be aware of the latest news.


  • Be initiative


    Do not remain aloof waiting for somebody to come to you and greet. Make the first step and smile.


  • Be attentive listener



    Do not be distracted by calls and your cell phone in general. Do not make a boring look. It is quite unpleasant and you will have no chance to make a good first impression.


  • Group-conversation



    Do not be afraid of people companies. Usually, its participants are very open and amiable, they rarely talk about personal things and you can easily join their conversation.


If being at a party, you may hide behind somebody back or just join the conversation, when you want to attract a guy everything depends upon you.


So, how to make a great first impression on a guy? These 14 tips have something in common with all the previous ones, but there are also some specific pieces of advice.



  • Do not forget to take a shower and wear only clean and fresh clothes


  • Make him laugh


    Everybody likes laughing and it will help him feel at ease with you.


  • Be yourself. Guys do not like artificiality. Do not try to be somebody else to make a good impression on a guy.


  • Be different. Most guys like the girls that differ from others. It does not mean that you should follow all trends in the world.


  • Guys like to compete with other guys, but if you flirt with others to much, he will never come to you.


  • Guys like unique girls, do not try to copy him, mirroring all his gestures and poses. Behave as if you were talking to a friend, but be a bit flirty.


  • Make sure you are trying to make a great impression on the right guy.


  • Be romantic and do not forget to smile.


  • This problem may occur when you want to attract his attention and do try too much. If you are over diligent, it will seem unnatural.


  • Do make up. It should quite natural, romantic and fresh. There is nothing worse that to look like a clown.


  • Do not be ashamed to express your feelings.


  • If your first attempt to attract a guy failed, but you want to try again, be fresh and attractive every day and do not pay attention to him.


  • Play with your hair. Guys like it.


  • Feel free to ask his phone and invite out for another date.