23 things to do when you are bored


Having a day off or a holiday, feel bored to the death after several hours of doing nothing? Looking around, you still can’t make up your mind for anything to get busy with. This article will help you to overcome this feeling, despite of your location.


At first, let’s think why you get bored despite of a variety of entertainments. There are a plenty of ways to entertain yourself, but why, sometimes, you are indifferent towards them.

So, if you are sitting and looking around, saying “I am bored” and questioning “What can I do?” consider the reasons for this condition.

  • Life satiation.

    You have achieved everything you wanted. You are always thinking “What’s next?” When you do not have a purpose, your life becomes boring, but what does prevent you from setting a new goal?

  • You think everything is OK.

    Such a way of thinking can be quite harmful for a person. If you are not interested in anything, do not have a desire to try your hand at something exciting or broaden your scope of knowledge, it means that everything is NOT OK. Curiosity is an inborn quality of any person. But, laziness may suppress it.

  • Banal tiredness.

    It is quite alright. When your brains and body are exhausted, let them relax. Take a rest and then you will be full of energy and enthusiasm to engage in something new.


What to do when you are bored at home.


More often you feel bored at home, where you have only TV and a computer. We offer more variants to get rid of boredom.

  • Tidy up.

    It is not a pleasant thing to do, that is why, we always postpone it. Being bored, it is a perfect time to tidy up your house or apartment.

  • Cook something new and tasty and call your friends.

  • Do sport.

    You can find many videos with different exercises in the Internet.

  • Watch a film you always wanted, but never had time.

  • Devote time to yourself.

    Take a bath, have your nails polished and hair curled.

  • Read a book.

  • Look around. Maybe, it is time to move your furniture.

What to do when you are bored in transport


  • Listen to music

  • Sleep

  • Read a book

  • Enjoy the views out from the window

  • Learn a foreign language

  • Trace the places you are passing by and learn more about them

  • Get to know a person sitting next to you, maybe he is she is also bored

What to do when you are bored in the Internet

  • Start your own blog, write about your life and share your experience or observations.

  • Register on a site. It can be a site for a language exchange, a dating site, a site to find pen pals and so on.

  • Find online courses to your liking or you can find the courses in your city and visit their websites to learn more about it.

    Medicine from boredom.


    Some doctors say that boredom is a diagnosis and it should be treated thoroughly.

         If you are still moaning I am bored what can I do, here are some things we can suggest to get rid of boredom.

  • Start a relationship. We have written about a dating site, so you can use it not just for fun, but treat it seriously and create an account to meet somebody.

  • Enter your questions or anything that come to your mind in the Internet and just have fun, observing what people are ready for to overcome boredom.

  • If the condition of boredom occurs quite often, think of a pet.

  • Spend time outdoors. You can ski, skate, ride a bicycle, play team games with your friends, depending upon the season.

  • Go to the cinema or theater.

  • Go to the library. Looking for a necessary book, you can find some interesting books that draw your attention.

    Though, some of the things give a temporary effect, the other ones will help you forget about boredom for good.