12 signs showing that you have a social network addiction

According to one of the latest researchers, Instagram is the worst social network in terms of its influence on the youth’s psyche.


Of course, social media has its pros and cons. One of the advantages is the opportunity for people to express themselves. But it leads to the feeling of dissatisfaction, lack of sleep and panic attacks.

A lot of young people have the necessity to post a fresh photo or video every day and if they do not do it, they do not feel at ease. It was noticed that the high level of addiction to social media resembles any other kind of addiction, for example, drug addiction. The brain undergoes the same changes.

Here you can read 12 signs showing that you have a social media addiction


  1. You can not sit in a restaurant without a phone on the table. You are waiting for your dish to take a picture of it and share in with your Instragram or Facebook followers. This evening can not be perfect if nobody sees what you are doing and eating.

  2. The first thing you do after you wake up is taking your cell phone to check how many “likes” your latest selfie got.


  3. If you have children, they are likely to notice how you update your status while reading a book to them before sleep.

  4. You greet your friends who are near you through Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes, you forget the real names of people, but remember their nicknames.


  5. You can not just go to the bath or toilet unless you check who liked your picture. You will even try to take a selfie being in the bathroom. It clearly shows that you have a strong addiction to social media.

  6. You get surprised when your co-workers or group mates ask you about your weekend. They should have checked your account or page where you showed what and how you did. Despite of your answer “I am fine, thanks”, you have already decided to unsubscribe from them.

  7. You “like” your own posts.


  8. You check your accounts on the way to your work, during the break, in a bar after the work and at home. You always worry that you may lose your cell phone or leave it somewhere.

  9. When you learn about the death of a famous person, you look up in Wiki the biography of this person and share an interesting fact from there through your account.

  10. When somebody jokes, instead of laughing and expressing your emotions, you apathetically say “lol”.


  11. You use the word “hashtag” in your daily conversation. It is quite normal for you to say “#beauty” when your friend shows her or his new look or manicure.

  12. A lot of times you heard that looking at the screen at night is harmful for your eyes, still you can’t but check your accounts and keep holding the phone in your hand the whole night.


If you found yourself in this list you have a social networking addiction. It is time to change your life and come into the real world!