12 joyful things to do with your friends

Friends are always fun. But, it happens that even being together you have no ideas how to spend your time. We suggest you 12 things to do with your friends.


You can organize your time being at home or outdoors. At first, let’s consider the situation when the weather allows you to go out.

  • Outing to the cinema or cafe. Find a cosy place where you can enjoy a film or food and have a heart-to-heart talk.


  • Let each other show their favorite places in the city. Maybe a friend of yours knows the place the others did not see.


  • Visit a zoo, nursery or reserve. Everybody likes animals. You have a variety of choices whether to look at them, learn something new about different species or help them.

So, there are some more good things to do with friends to get rid of boredom.

  • Take part in a competition, for example, a marathon. If you are not fond of running, talk a walk and do some exercises. You also can play team games or remember the games you used to play in your childhood.


  • Volunteering. It gives much pleasure when you do it with close people, like friends. You can enjoy time together and help other people.


What if the weather is horrible or you just want to spend time at home, but you can not think of anything that will help you to not get bored being at home. Well, we will change your point of view.

There are 7 joyful things what to do with your friends at home.


  • Cooking masterclass. Find an exotic (but not too much) and new recipe in the Internet. Prepare aprons, napkins and the necessary products and kitchen utensils. Turn on the radio or TV, music will accompany your cooking and create cheerful mood.


  • Movie-party. Make a list of your favorite films or, on the contrary, a new one that is being shown in all the cinemas. Cook or buy some chips, pop corn or anything you like. After the film, you can share your opinions and discuss the plot and main characters.


  • Literature\poetry. It depends upon your preferences and mood. If you do like literature, share the latest books you have read and advise something to your friends. Or you can play games like guess the book or character.


  • Photo shoot. You do not need a professional photographer or studio. You can do it with your friends at home. Think of the photo shoot’s theme, get dressed in a certain way, maybe according to your favorite epoch. Or find your childish pictures and repeat them, believe us, you will a lot of fun comparing them later.



  • Karaoke. You don’t even need to have special karaoke equipment for this purpose. The Internet will help you to realize this idea.


  • Spa at home is a good thing to do with your friends – girls. Here you have two options: the first one is to relax, turn on low music, make different masks, the second way is to trust your nails, hair and face to your friend and let her do everything according to her liking.


  • Arrange a thematic party. The theme can be taken from any film, book or epoch you like.


  • Remember old times. It is, especially, pleasant when you know each other since the childhood. Remember the funnies and most awkward situations, maybe your friends will tell you the stories you do not know.


As you see there are many things to do with your friends whether at home or not. We are sure, you are able to think of something else together with your friend.