10 things everybody must do when life sucks

What to do when life sucks? Aren’t you going to continue this lifestyle? If you do not want to suck at life, read our article.

Choice! The key is choice. You have options. You need not spend your life wallowing in failure, ignorance, grief, poverty, shame, and self-pity. But hold on! If this is true then why have so many among us apparently elected to live in this manner? The answer is obvious. Those who live in unhappy failure have never exercised their options for a better way of life because they have never been aware that had any choices

Og Mandino

Trouble are only mental; it is the mind that manufactures them, and the mind that can gorge them, banish them, abolish them.
Mark Twain

And lose, and start again at your beginnings

And never breathe a word about your loss

Rudiyard Kipling


“I don’t know what to do”, “I am lost”, “I am at a loss” - we often hear these phrases from our close people and even strangers. And, moreover, each of us was at that place.

If now you feel at a loss, make up your mind to go forward and struggle with difficulties. There are a variety of methods to help yourself out.

The truth is you have enough power to overcome any handicaps when life sucks. There are many opportunities you can’t imagine and you have energy and power to achieve the most desirable things. A most significant thing to remember is you have a choice. A choice where to go and what to do. No one can deprive you of this right.

Today is a new day full of new opportunities. Hope, this article will help you to understand that you possess the power to handle everything. Here we suggest 10 pieces of advice to follow when life sucks:

1. Do not think that you are a victim in this situation. It is only your feeling, not the reality.


Often when you are at a deadlock, you want to find a guilty person. Instead of blaming everybody around you, try to look at the situation objectively and start thinking of a possible way out.

Your life is only your responsibility, your decisions and your efforts. Try to treat the situation otherwise. Funny, but true – when you change your attitude, the situation will change for the better.

2. If it was bad yesterday, it does not mean today would be the same.

Get rid of yesterday’s negative thoughts. The phrase “would be” is not counted. If you stuck in the past, you, consciously, hinder the future.

To be freer, you need to let your past problems go. Do this and you will immediately feel better. It will give you energy to start at your beginnings.

3. If you feel you are at a deadlock, it is time to change your life.

It can be new habits, a new schedule or point of view. The most important thing is to understand that the things you got used to are not working anymore.

To overcome another difficulty, you have to be bold and get ready to change something in your life.

4. The future changes won’t be easy, but necessary.


If you constantly ask yourself: “When my life sucks”, it means it already sucks, but you are afraid to admit it.

The first step to introduce changes is to acknowledge the fact of their necessity. The change of your lifestyle or personal principals is running badly, but it’s worth it. There is nothing worse than being static.

5. You are already between the past and the future. Just one step left.

If you really want to do something, you will always find a way to fulfill it. If you don’t, you will always find an excuse.

Stop thinking you can not, find reasons why you can and, even, must. The only person who can stop you is yourself.

When you say: “I suck at life”, you start waiting for a miracle, but it is in vain. Stop justifying yourself, it is time to leave your comfort zone.

6. Other people’s opinion should not influence your decision.

The more you care about others’ opinion, the more you feel a hostage of the situation. You won’t have clear goals until you are listening to other people. Try to motivate yourself saying: “I really need to do ...”, “I can do ...”. Ask yourself: “Why does my life suck?”, try to answer this question, then write the things you want. Listen to your intuition.

7. Be yourself and you will become freer.


Do not be afraid of being sincere and following your own rules. Soon you will see people return your feelings. When you help somebody, he or she will support you in return.

It is the process of self-education and self-cognition. None of us is perfect.

8. Self-development is an inner miracle. It comes from the inside.

You can notice this growth if you compare your behavior in the same situation today and several years ago. This is the thing you need to concentrate on. But usually we strive for a financial success and experience lack of time for spiritual growth.

9. Life is a trip, not a destination.

You need to get rid of social requirements and superstitions. Being ideal does not mean being happy. Avoid daily routine and transform your life into an adventure. Go boldly towards your dream and enjoy.

10. You are stronger than you think. Your situation is not the worst. You can handle everything.

If you think the problem is too big and you are not able to handle it, divide it into several smaller steps. Make a list of these steps and follow this plan. Every time you finish with the current one, cross it out. It will stimulate you going on.


Use these 10 pieces of advice and you will see that any question can be solved.