10 necessary steps to fall asleep fast


Insomnia is very wide-spread today. Tired of not getting enough sleep and being sluggish right after you wake up? First of all, you need to change your habits and even lifestyle. There are no simple ways to get over insomnia, you will have to resort to radical changes.

The rules to fall asleep fast at night


  1. You should turn off your TV, radio or any sound source 30 minutes before sleep.

  2. It’s better to dim the light.

  3. You can listen to some relaxing music, for example, the sounds of nature.


  4. In your free time before sleep, its better to read or knit.

  5. You may take a relaxing bath with incense. Even such simple things as hair brushing calms your organism. This is a good procedure to prepare your body for falling asleep fast.


  6. Take a short walk before sleep.

  7. Buy good bed-clothes. Do not use too soft or hard mattress.

  8. You can use the oldest method – count sheep. But it suits only people who can concentrate on one thought.

  9. Go to bed at the same time. Your organism likes order.

  10. Find a comfortable sleep position.


Let’s consider the last step more profoundly.


If you are not satisfied with the quality of your sleep, but all the other steps are fulfilled, try to change the position. To define which of them suits you better, find in our list, the position you sleep in now and check what is wrong with it. Then choose another one.


Sleeping positions

  • on the stomach

    If you sleep on your stomach, your spine lacks for support. This position provokes neck and back pain. The advantage is better digestion.

  • in the fetal position

    Maybe, this position is very comfortable, but also provokes the pain in your back and neck. On the one hand, the bend of your spine and partly covered face restrict the depth of your breath. On the other hand, it suits for pregnant women and people who snore.

  • on the side

    The side you prefer to sleep is also important. If you sleep on the right side, you have more chances to get heartburn. Sleep on the other side raises the pressure on the internals.

  • on the back

    This sleeping position is considered to be the best, especially for your back and neck, if you do not abuse pillows. But most people snore sleeping on their back, because it may provoke the breath irregularity.


Now lets’ talk about kids. It is quite another question. You can not set strict rules to follow to fall asleep as you do for yourself. Let’s consider what parents can do to help their kids sleep well.


How to fall asleep fast for kids


For this purpose you need to develop a daily ritual before sleep. Let your child take part in the preparation for sleep. Let your kids choose the pyjamas they will sleep in, the fairy-tale you will read and the toy or doll they will sleep with.

Often parents experience the following problem – their child can’t help watching a movie or cartoon. In this case, you will have to say that it’s late and time to sleep. But, it is better to form a habit which calms the child’s nervous system and makes him or her ready for bed. For example, suggest a quiet occupation or game after which you will put your kid to sleep.

A good tradition before sleep is reading a book. This process has a very calming effect and makes your kid to fall asleep fast.

After all the rituals, wish your child good night and sweet dreams and leave the room. Try not to break the daily routine even during holidays, trips or illness.

Hope, these pieces of advice will help you and your kid to wake up relaxed and ready for the upcoming day.