10 best methods to stop procrastination.

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.

Don Marquis


Almost everybody knows what procrastination is.

You are likely to abuse Instagram while working or drink your morning tea too long and be late for your job.

The scientists say that procrastinating we avoid the things we don’t like and substitute them by the things that give us passing pleasure. Postponing things we start feeling guilt and shame and keep on idling.

The good news is that you can fight procrastination. Let’s find out its reasons and get 10 pieces of advice.


Why do I procrastinate?


This habit is a serious problem for many people. It does not let you work and relax effectively. What are the reasons for it? There are some of them:

- the inability to organize your time

- the lack of concentration

- depression

- the lack of confidence

- unrealistic expectations and hopes

- perfectionism

- the fear of a failure

- the fear of changes

- a protest against the generally accepted rules


How to stop procrastinating



You will need to analyze your life properly. Think of important things you have postponed for many years. Think of something really big and significant. Find out the reason for it. Use the list of the reason above.

For example, you wanted to visit your distant relatives or friends. Do you think you are just lazy to do it? Maybe, these people are not very pleasant for you and you do not want to spend time with them or you have told them that you would work hard and succeed, but you didn’t do it and now you are ashamed to show it.

The real reason may be hidden and it will take your efforts to figure it out. If you did it, it’s time to see the pieces of advice to avoid it.


How to not procrastinate



  • Think of positive changes that could happen, when you, finally, get these things done.

  • Count the price of you idleness. Imagine what your life would be like now if you had not postponed the things in the past.

  • Bear in mind, sometimes you persuade yourself to treat this work negatively. For example, your boss gave you the task and you may say: “My boss is always giving me the most difficult or hopeless projects!”, after pronouncing it several times or thinking like this, you strongly believe that this task is so, even if it is not. Next time try to avoid such thoughts.

  • To avoid procrastination you can start a diary. It helps to, at least, 30 % of lovers to procrastinate. Write down not only the list of to-do-things, but also the achieved results.

  • Set the term for fulfilling a certain task. If you are going to do it a bit later, write down the date.

  • Analyze your feelings and thoughts at the moment you want to postpone something. As soon as you want to procrastinate, say out loud “Stop” or even pinch yourself.

  • Promise some reward for this task. Do it only after you finish this work or in the middle of the process.

  • Start from something simple. You will easily manage it and it will inspire you to keep on going.

There are some more helpful pieces of advice How to stop procrastinating.

  • Divide your working day into several parts. It is better to take a short break each hour than work several hours without it. If you still can not make yourself work, divide one task into small 5-10 minute blocks.

  • If you deal with a big project, do not stop working. Even if you are busy with another stuff, find 30 or, at least, 15 minutes a day and focus on this big project.


As you can see, there are a variety of methods how to avoid procrastination. If you make up your mind to use it, start today and right now!