1 experiment proving that astrology is real.

Be honest, even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, you come across them from time to time. But what if ONE simple experiment can prove that astrology is real and the stars and planets can influence your life.

What is astrology?

Everybody knows the word “astrology”, but only few people understand its real meaning. Astrology is wide-spread and popular, you can see and hear it everyday. Its main attributes are the Zodiac signs.



What do Zodiac signs mean?

Each person has his Zodiac sign. What does it mean? It means that at the moment a person was born, the Sun was in a certain Zodiac sign. According to this data, astrology gives a wide description of a person’s life.

Why is astrology real and effective?

Traditional astrology, which exists for many centuries, uses many symbols, from 7 classic planets (the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) to hundreds of astronomic dots in the Eastern astrology.

A person’s character and life are described by the symbolism of the Zodiac with all the planets and dots. One person possesses all the signs and planets, it means that all the shades of character are present in every particular person, but in different degrees.

This degree is determined by the quantity and quality of the planets in the sign. The most significant is the Sun, but all the other planets contribute to the full description of a person.

Time quality and cycling of life in astrology.


There is a widespread concept about life’s cycles. The cycles can go up and down, that mean development and degradation. The core of this phenomenon is the repetition of certain life features in some time periods.

Life on Earth is cycling. Each creature passes through some life periods that are repeated. The biggest cycle is the period from birth to death. The most familiar is the seasons’ change.

It is connected with the Earth’s motion around the Sun.

A person also is influenced by the lunar cycles (the Moon’s motion around the Earth).

There are the cycles which are connected with the planets’ motion. They exert the same strong influence on people as the Moon and the Sun do.

During recent years the Eastern calendar’s become very popular. It shows the animal whose character corresponds with the quality of the year. This animal calendar is based on Jupiter’s cycles. This planet goes over the Zodiac circle for 12 years (one sign per year). The Eastern New year starts when Jupiter goes into a new sign.

And, finally, the smallest cycle is a day, determined by the Earth’s rotation.

All these cycles are put into each other and make the system, which we run through during the whole life.

All the cycles together give you a complete calendar of your own life.

These cycles change one another and it is inevitable, like the seasons’ change. We can trace this change with the help of astrology, but if you look more attentively at your own life, you will be able to notice it yourself.

Here is a very simple experiment that proves this fact.


If you kept a diary from year to year, you would notice that some events in your life are repeated, approximately, at the same time. Somebody takes a vacation at the same time, another person has financial problems at a certain time of a year, during the same period each year one can feel good or devastated.

If you trace the events that take place now and the problems that occur, you will easily define the quality of time that comes.

Your life will be happier and things will go more successful if you live according to the time and do not resist it.

An astrological calendar worked out specifically for you would help you be well oriented in time and use it wisely.

The future scares people. This fear is caused by the lack of knowledge. Dealing with astrology you will know what to expect and can be prepared to this period. But many people do not believe that astrology is real. This disbelief is also based on ignorance. Just carry out this simple experiment and you will be amazed.

Astrologists are often blamed in diffused interpreting. But the astrologist has no right to give a detailed description, because if a person has free will, the range of events is very wide. Astrology deepens the interpretation of the events’ quality due to the description of a person’s traits and his abilities according to the radix (a symbolic description of a person).

Considering your horoscope together with the radix will give you a deeper understanding of time’s quality.

All people live under the common sky, but lead different lives, because a person can meet only the events that are prescribed by the radix.

Astrology is a complicated, serious and exact science. It demands deep analysis and constant practice. Astrology can be useful in interpersonal relationship, psychology and medicine.